Hope Works presents: Mella Dee, Sally C, Gracie T, Double O, Steel Selektions, Omaueze, Skari & Zeki

Mella Dee
Sally C
Gracie T
Double O
Skari & Zeki
Steel Selektions

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Hope Works Warehouse


00.00 - 05.00

We are so thrilled to welcome the Doncaster don himself, Mella Dee, back to Hope Works for another major session. This time we've turned up the dial to 10 as we bring in Sally C and our super ressie Gracie T to back him in the warehouse. Meanwhile in Mesters we have a very special Steel Selektions takeover with none other than Double O joining them as well as our boys Skari & Zeki plus Omaueze for what promises to be a completely off the chain room 2!

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