Hope Works x No Bounds: Midland, OK Williams, Marie Malarie + More

Ok Williams
Marie Malarie
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Hope Works


11 - 5am

We are so very excited to welcome back the one and only Midland to share his beautiful selections and exquisite vibe maintenance skills. Midland has been playing with us for years and not once has he dropped the ball. Every time it's a joy. Since he stripped back his calendar this is all the more special, each show counts so join us as we give a warm welcome back to one of the UK's finest DJ's.

In support a serious talent on the rise. OK Williams. Playing a freeform blend of UK funky, drill, techno, jungle, club and house, OK Williams isn't afraid to keep a dancefloor on its toes. A monthly show on NTS (where she also works behind the scenes), and broke out in earnest back in 2019 when she followed high-profile performances at Glastonbury and Field Maneuvers with a Boiler Room set that took her idiosyncratic sound across the globe. Spotlighting the vibrancy and diversity of Black dance music at a time when it's never been more vital, OK Williams is the progression the scene has been crying out for.

Marie Malarie: (Sheffield premiere) Marie Malarie is best known for her carefully crafted sets, and as a resident of one of London’s finest queer nights HOMODROP & Happy Endings at the much loved venue Dalston Superstore. Marie curates her very own own queer clubnights whose focus is to bring DJs, new talents, performers and artists together to celebrate the beauty of music. Together this melting pot of loveliness will, we believe, satisfy your ever dancefloor need. From soulful to pure bangin! Join us as we put on a celebration of diversity in the music and the people.

Hope Works x No Bounds 2023 just got started!

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