Interview: Batu

I definitely use gigs as a chance to showcase more of what me and the label are about.

You’re set to make your debut Sheffield appearance for us at Hope Works, in many respects you’re still something of an emerging producer & DJ whose recently been making their mark over the past year, is this something you’re aware of and do you enjoy using gigs like these to show people what you’re about?

Things have definitely been picking up over the last couple of years. I think sometimes you need more of a full body of work for people to be able to really understand what your vision is. It’s not something that can happen instantly.

I definitely use gigs as a chance to showcase more of what me and the label are about. I think with myself and the others involved in the label are tastes and influences are more varied than sometimes we are given credit for, and we are all DJs who spend a good amount of time looking for tracks - it’s nice to be able to showcase this and hopefully surprise some people.

What have been some of your favourite shows?

Too many to mention! My last gig was at a club called Bossa Nova Civic in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a really great, intimate spot and I had 3 hours to play - I was happy with that show for sure.

You have also done some touring abroad, in previous interviews you’ve stated that you’re proud to retain ‘UK elements’ in your work, how have these crowds reacted to when you play this very particular strand of UK techno as it were?

Never been a problem so far really. I love stuff from Europe and the US too, so i’m fairly happy catering to the crowd where necessary. I will always throw in some curveballs and UK material though. It’s all about when and how you bring in tracks that people may find alienating. The best DJs are always able to make you enjoy music that you might not usually like in my opinion. Building a context to showcase that material is the clever part.

Your Timedance label is into its fifth release now, when you look back at how far you’ve come with it up to now do you feel like you’re achieving what you always wanted to get out of it in terms of its direction?

There wasn’t really a specific direction when I started out and I still don’t think there is now. I’m just putting out music from friends and producers that I feel I share something with. When the process started taking shape I realised there was definitely a gap that it could fill. I felt like there was a shortage of UK labels willing to take risks, and a crop of exciting young producers I knew who couldn’t get tracks released. I’d always want good music to dictate the direction the label goes, not any kind of grandiose plan.

The label features EPs from other up and coming producers like Lurka and Ploy (who are also playing for us this weekend), I read that your friendship with Lurka goes way back and you both studied the same music production course at Bath Spa University. Do you think that over these years you have both helped each other with getting yourselves to where you wanna be now?

100% - our workflows are quite different but we learn a lot from each other. Lurka is really technically minded and his ears are so attuned to frequencies, I feel like I’m more of an arrangement guy. We’ve been writing together for a few years now and I think our collaborations are quite nicely balanced.

You started the Timedance club nights in late 2015 in a disused police station in Bristol. I managed to go to one in July of this year when Pangaea and Ploy played and was so struck by the choice of venue. How was it that you found out about The Island?

It has been around for a few years. I think the first night I went to was a Livity Sound takeover there. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do stuff there at first, but they've always been really supportive of the night. There isn’t really a more fitting place for my parties in Bristol that i’ve encountered. As soon as you walk into that room you get the vibe.

Finally, what’s planned for the label and club night over this next year or so?

Some exciting releases and some exciting line ups! Loads in the pipeline for next year already - not giving away anything more than that though.


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