Interview: Shanti Celeste

I just want to play lots of good parties! and make nice people dance!

First time in Sheffield?


Is the vibe different up t’north?

mmmm not really, not in my experience! but I haven’t actually played up north that much! Everyone just wants to have a good dance!! maybe if your from somewhere more in the sticks its different, like The Lakes where I grew up! there was nothing to do so when there was a rave we got soon excited!! (or I did anyways!)

A prerequisite is to have at least one record from Sheffield in you box? What is it? (lie if you have too!!)

The Black Dog ‘Virtual’ - its a banger…

So you work in a record shop, run a label and DJ, have we missed anything?

Hehe! sometimes a sing! and I have a radio show on NTS!!

What’s been the highlight of all your adventures this year?

Ok, so starting from earlier this year, NTS 4th birthday was a good one, also playing in Ibiza for the first time! then having my friends Chris and Jay L (at separate times) joining me on NTS, playing in Berlin for my friends night Groove Points at OHM which is a really wicked little club, then the following week I played at Connie Island in Leipzig and that was so good! they are a great bunch and its just a really well run venue and party..Also going to my friends nights here in Bristol called Dirtytalk, they had Young Marco and IF for the last one and it was amazing! one coming up this Saturday with DJ Sprinkles, and last but no least - I really enjoyed playing here in Bristol for Free House (my housemates night) at Cosies which is a tiny venue! played for hours b2b with my two Berlin based friends Sarj & Will Lynch.

What’s your approach to writing in the studio? How would you describe your working method?

It changes all the time! I just work out a method that works for me, make lots of tunes and then when I hit a brick wall I change it slightly. Mainly though until now, I just think of what I would feel if i was on the dance floor and I heard certain melodies, percussion etc, and just work with those feeling in mind. Although at the moment I just don’t want to write club music! I want to do different stuff not sure what though!! Oh the eternal struggle of a creative person!!

What’s your gear of choice, analogue, computer or a mix?

Its a mix really, I use my computer but I have lots of keyboards and stuff! I use a mixing desk too… I like to mix it up for sure!

Do you play Vinyl or a mix of formats?

I play mostly vinyl but I always have my USB on me just in case I want to play something more exclusive. Sometimes also when I have no money and there is a tune I want that costs stupid money on Discogs, I find somebody I know to rip it or I buy the wav if its available..

Are you arsed about the vinyl V everything else stuff?

Lol not really, each to their own! I do believe that buying vinyl has its advantages that you just cant get with digital though, like the fact you can buy rare and obscure records that never came out digitally and were limited in press. I also just like having something tangible that I will have forever, it gives it more meaning in my eyes. Rather than having a load of wavs that I just loose count of and forget about! but thats maybe just because I’m not very organised in my computer! oops!

You are known for your ties with Idle hands. How did that all come about?

Well I met boss man Chris Farrell when I was putting posters up at Rooted Records nearly 6 years ago. We became friends so when Rooted closed and he decided to open Idle Hands I asked him for a job and he said yes!! rest is history really!

Pick one Idle Hands track, be ruthless!

Andy Mac ‘Cities & Desires’ - its such a beautiful tune!!

Chris Duckenfield used to work as a buyer at WARP Records in the 90's. You Work in a Record Shop.What’s the best thing about doing that job?

I have’nt actually been working in the shop that much this past year but Ive just started again, doing Wednesday afternoons. What I like most about it is when you recommend someone records and they like them! Also like being there when a new delivery comes in so I can get first dibs! and lastly that I get to hang out with my mate Chris for the afternoon! : )

Your new release Alma on Secretsundaze is your first by a non-Britstolian label, why did you choose Secretsundaze and what’s important in choosing labels?

I played for Secretsundaze a while back and really enjoyed it! and I met Giles and James and thought they were really nice guys, also really like what they are doing at the moment in terms of releases, the DJ Qu and Endian releases are great! so why not!? I think when choosing a label its good to go with a label that represents you and where you are at musically at that time. And also a label that helps you get where you want to be in the future! Its nice to be a part of a label that you like!

What’s the goal as an up and coming artist?

I just want to play lots of good parties! and make nice people dance! I love making music too and would eventually like to write an album! but I really love Djing, especially when its a good party with a good crowd!

Perfect collaboration, give us a name!

Maybe in another life, Alice Coltrane and me!! she could play the piano and I could sing and make housy loops for her to play over, we could be… Shalice Cooltrane.

What tracks make you laugh, cry and dance?

Laugh - Starvue ‘Body Fusion’
Its sooooo sexy! that its funny : )

Cry - Alice Coltrane ‘ Turiya And Ramakrishna’Anything with a piano, If I’m in a sad or extremely happy mood can make me cry!

Dance - Stacy Kidd ‘Give It To Me’
Something really energetic and happy always gets me dancing, amongst other things!


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