Hope Works / No Bounds 2024

Resident: Eye Measure

Eye Measure is a Sheffield-based artist making weird and dark computer music with live coding and algorithmic composition.

Since starting out as a resident at monthly New Atlantis nights in Rye Wax, they have developed their style into what has been described by Sheffield’s Interworld label as “cavernous live-coded industrial ambience.”

Over the past couple of years they have focused on developing live performances using TidalCycles, playing in venues such as Cafe OTO, Corsica Studios, Iklectik, Venue MOT, Dare to Club, Wharf Chambers, DINA, and Hatch. As well as at the No Bounds Algorave in 2021 :) 

They have also released some music with the labels Cherche Encore and Edited Arts, and have a release planned for early 2024 with TT.

Alongside making music they are doing a PhD, and co-run Pattern Club, a workshop/event series exploring algorithmic patterns in music, textiles and dance.


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